Item #018677 We stand Against Oppression Iraq Protest Poster.

We stand Against Oppression Iraq Protest Poster.

No Place: Iraki Revolutionary Communists, Publisher. Unbound. Poor. Item #018677

No place or date. Presumed late 1970s, early 1980s. Printed in white and black only. We have had another version of this where the figure about to be hanged was colored red. 19 by 27 ½ inches. Poster reads in English and Arabic, "We stand against oppression and bloody terrorism in Iraq. We have decided to fight. We have decided to victory." The Iraki (Iraqi) Revolutionary Communists formed from a split with the Revolutionary Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party. The Revolutionary Communists objected to the Iraqi Communist Party's alliance with Baathist rule in Iraq, advocating militant action against them. The group fell apart in the 1980s after the assassinations of several of its leaders (see Wikipedia for previous information). POOR/FAIR condition. Several horizontal fold creases to the piece, with heavy curling at the bottom edge. Other creases and wrinkles present. A few small tears and some scuffing along the extremities.

Price: $75.00