Item #018476 Debate: Whose Life? Abortion Debate leaflet/flier

Debate: Whose Life? Abortion Debate leaflet/flier

No Place: B.U. Women's Abortion Action, presumed Publisher, 1971. Unbound. Good. Item #018476

No place or date, 1971. Single sheet, blue paper stock. 8 ½ by 11 inches. Large hand drawn image of a pregnant woman. A leaflet advertising a debate between Dr. Barbara Roberts of the Women's National Abortion Coalition and Dr. Mildred F. Jefferson of the Value of Life Committee. Barbara Roberts was part of the Women's National Action Coalition, which was formed in 1971 and disbanded in 1973. The group advocated for abortion rights and birth control. Dr. Mildred F. Jefferson was a prominent anti-abortion activist, including serving as president of the National Right to Life Committee. GOOD condition. Poor printing quality, resulting in some text being rather faded. Minor wrinkling and toning.

Price: $140.00