Win the Strike Flier. Campus Progressive Labor Party.

Win the Strike Flier

San Francisco: Campus Progressive Labor Party, Publisher. Unbound. Good. Item #016718
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no date, either late 1968 or early to mid 1969. Single sheet, yellow paper stock, 8 ½ by 11 inches. Printed on both sides. A flier issued by the San Francisco State University Campus chapter of the Progressive Labor Party, a Marxist-Leninist group. The party, inspired and united with students striking on the SFSU campus, sought to rally support for anti-racist policies, supporting groups such as the Black Student Union and the Third World Liberation Front at the university. Those groups sought better access to education, the creation of a Black studies program and other policies designed to create equality for Black students at the university. This culminated in a lengthy student strike that was met with police violence and suppression, but that ultimately succeeded in achieving some of the strikers' goals. This flier by the Progressive Labor Party offers a short but detailed explanation of systemic racism at the university and by the ruling class in the US, providing examples of the exploitation of minority labor that not only increased profits for the university and its benefactors, but that also led to violence and friction between white and Black working class people. The flier cites double standards in views on various Black uprisings in cities around the US, the disproportionate death toll in Vietnam between Black or minority soldiers and white soldiers, etc. GOOD+ condition. Horizontal and vertical fold creases present. Minor creasing at the corners. A few tiny tears along the edges.

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