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1 Brown, Ray Our Crisis Economy. The End of the Boom
New York/Ann Arbor, MI Students for a Democratic Society/Economic Research and Action Project, Publishers no Wraps Good 
no date, 1960s. Single stapled booklet, with a light pink printed cover. 5 pp. A study of the American economy from the 1930s to the 1960s, arguing that the boom economy would not continue due to rising numbers in employment age workers and loss of jobs to increasing automation, while also highlighting the large amount of Americans living in poverty, including African-Americans. Issued by the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society). VERY GOOD condition. Minor wrinkling, curling and toning to the piece. 
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Wall Street on the Warpath, Cacchione, Peter V
2 Cacchione, Peter V Wall Street on the Warpath
New York New Century Publishers 1947 no First Edition Wraps Very Good 
First edition. Black printed wraps. 23 pp. 'A denunciation of Wall Street bankers and monopolists who have moved into Washington, where they have been responsible for Red-baiting,' etc. (Seidman C8). Peter Cacchione was a Communist labor leader, and served on the New York City Council (Wikipedia). VERY GOOD condition. Minor fading and rubbing to the covers, with a faint price in pencil to the upper front cover. Interior clean and solid. 
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What America Faces, Dennis, Eugene
3 Dennis, Eugene What America Faces
New York New Century Publishers 1946 no First Edition Wraps Good 
First edition. Maroon printed wraps. 62 pp. A report attacking 'the Truman administration for its imperialist course in foreign affairs,' as well as defending 'the expulsion of Browder for refusing to accept the Party line.' (Seidman D126). Eugene Dennis (pseudonym for Francis Xavier Waldron) was a leader of the Communist Party in the United States. He and several others were tried and found guilty under the Alien Registration Act (Wikipedia). GOOD condition. Several notations in pencil to the front cover. General browning and minor soiling. Interior clean and solid with some toning to the paper. 
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4 Dilling, Elizabeth The Roosevelt Red Record and its Background
Kenilworth, IL Published by the Author 1936 no Cloth Good 
Stated second printing. Red cloth. No jacket. 439 pp. Photos and illustrations throughout. A anti-Franklin Roosevelt and New Deal work, seeking to tie Roosevelt and members of his administration to a worldwide communist movement and underground movement within the US to turn America communist. Dilling accuses many, naming names and including quotes from alleged communist people in the government. With reproductions of communist material. Elizabeth Dilling was a right-wing political activist and author, with her work 'The Red Network' being her most popular. She held sympathetic views of the Nazi regime, while at the same time verbally attacking and accusing Jews of various crimes or plots against Christianity and capitalism. GOOD condition. Spine faded. Minor soiling and edgewear. Owner's embossed stamp on the title page. A few stray pencil lines in the margins along several passages throughout. 
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5 Du Bois, W.E.B.; Eastman, Max; Fraina, Louis; Dell, Floyd The New Review. A Critical Review of International Socialism. July 1914. Vol II. No. 7
New York New Review Publishing Co 1914 no Wraps Good 
Printed wraps. Pagination runs 381-440. A single issue of this magazine devoted to topics relating the socialism, labor and other associated topics. This issue contains an article by W.E.B Du Bois, 'A Study in Black,' in which he harshly critiques a book by John M. Mecklin, Democracy and Race Friction,' exposing underlying racism in the work. In the digest section, a short piece critical of Jack London and his view of the struggles in Mexico appears, among work by other authors. GOOD+ condition. Heavy browning along the spine, with minor fading, soiling and edgewear to the wraps. Faint diagonal crease present to the rear wrap. Interior clean and solid. 
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6 Feder, Morris Reflections in a Prison Cell
New York I.W. Biderman 1955 no Wraps Good 
Illustrated wraps. 88 pp. A third person account of the experiences of Morris Feder, an immigrant to the United States who was jailed for not registering as an alien in the US at the proper time. This recalls his efforts to find work, referring to the AFL in the foreword and the strength of labor unions, as well as reflecting on work, sustenance and the harsh treatment of individuals in prison and at work in factories. GOOD condition. Covers toned, with minor to moderate soiling and foxing. Some creasing at the corners. One page creased in the interior. 
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7 Flower, B.O.; Campbell, Helen; Ridpath, John Clark; Abbott, Rosa G., et al The Arena. January, 1898
Boston The Arena Company, Publisher 1898 no Wraps Good 
Printed wraps. 144 pp., plus ads. A single issue of this magazines. Includes: an article by B.O Flower on the poet James G. Clark, 'James G. Clark, the American Laureate of Labor,' examining his treatment of labor and poverty issues in his poetry; 'Is American Domesticity Decreasing, and if so, Why?' by Helen Campbell in which she studies domestic life and the rise of women in the workforce, citing labor trends and effects on home life; 'Plutocracy and War,' by John Clark Ridpath; and 'The Higher Civilization Versus Vivisection,' by Rosa G. Abbott, examining torture and mistreatment of animals in society. With other articles and features as well. Arena was a progressive magazine published in the late 1800's, noted for examining various social causes of the time. GOOD condition. Moderate soiling and darkening to the wraps. Minor staining along the extremities. One title underlined in blue pencil on the front cover. Alphanumeric sequence at the upper right front cover. Interior clean and solid with most pages unopened throughout. 
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8 Gilbert, Dave; Gottlieb, Bob; Sutheim, Susan. Consumption: Domestic Imperialism. A New Left Introduction to the Political Economy of American Capitalism
Ithaca, NY The Glad Day Press no Wraps Good 
no date. Side stapled pamphlet. 16 pp. A study of the US economy as perceived by the American Left. GOOD+ condition. Minor browning and wrinkling. 
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9 Goff, Kenneth One World a Red World
Englewood, CO Published by the Author 1952 no Wraps Good 
Illustrated wraps. 64 pp. A pamphlet exploring the plot by Russian communists to take over the world, using various subversive organizations and strategies, with Goff alleging the UN and UNESCO to be part of this scheme, as well as considering mistakes made by the US and UN in the Korean War. Goff was a Christian Identity minister, and according to him, a member of the Communist Party in the 1930's, although he spent much of his later career advocating far right policies. GOOD condition. Two small date stamps on the lower front cover and lower title page. Minor browning to the wrappers, a bit heavier along the extremities. Text block very browned. 
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Peace-Politics Newsletter. Volume 1, Number 7, September 25, 1962, Gustafson, Robert (editor).
10 Gustafson, Robert (editor). Peace-Politics Newsletter. Volume 1, Number 7, September 25, 1962
Cambridge, MA New England Committee for Political Action for Peace, Publisher 1962 no Wraps Good 
Reproduced printed type, 8 by 11 inches. Stapled at the upper left corner. 8 pp. A newsletter devoted to the subject of peace and its inclusion in political forums, including candidates for office that support a peace agenda. This issue contains news on various candidates for political office in the New England region, mentioning their platform, record and public opinion (including that of the media). With a piece on the candidacy of Edward 'Ted' Kennedy for the Massachusetts senate seat. It appears this organization existed in Massachusetts at least since 1960, and perhaps before, with the apparent goal of achieving peace in the world, especially between the USSR and the US. GOOD condition, perhaps ex-institution, with a date stamp in red at the upper right corner and a small pencil notation beneath. Horizontal fold creases present, with a few scattered rust stains. Upper right corner perhaps nibbled, with very minor loss. 
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Phillips Exeter Academy Student Peace Group Statement of Purposes and Principles. April 26, 1961., Haber, P.A.; Hertz, C.S.
11 Haber, P.A.; Hertz, C.S. Phillips Exeter Academy Student Peace Group Statement of Purposes and Principles. April 26, 1961.
Exeter, NH Phillips Exeter Academy Student Peace Group, Publisher 1961 no Soft Cover Very Good 
Four leaves, printed on versos only. Stapled at the upper left hand corner. Typed 8 by 11 inch pages, perhaps mechanically reproduced. With a few hand corrections in ink. A manifesto type work stating the aims and ideals of the Phillips Exeter Academy Student Peace Group, speaking at some length on the goal of nuclear disarmament as part of a strategy for world peace. VERY GOOD condition. Small group stamp at the upper right front corner. Minor rust stains along the left edge. Minor wrinkling and toning. 
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12 Hall, Gus Imperialist Rivalries and the World Struggle for Peace
New York New Outlook Publishers 1968 no Wraps Very Good 
Black and white printed wraps. 23 pp. An address given by Hall considering the legacy of World War II and the growth of the United States as an imperialist power, discussing in brief The Vietnam War, CIA operations and the role that organized labor can take to counteract imperialism. VERY GOOD condition. Minor toning and a few small wrinkles to the covers. 
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Collective Security: The Road to Peace, Hathaway; C.A.
13 Hathaway; C.A. Collective Security: The Road to Peace
New York Workers Library Publishers, Inc 1938 no Wraps Good 
Pamphlet with printed wraps. Approximately 6 by 5 inches. 15 pp. A printing of a radio speech by Hathaway, calling attention to the perils of the United States' neutrality in the face of Japanese aggression against China, highlighting American products that went into the manufacture of Japanese weapons, and including those used in the sinking of an American ship. Hathaway also calls on the U.S. to stand with Britain, France and Russia against the fascist powers of Italy and Germany. GOOD condition. Paper browned. Minor soiling and wrinkling to the covers. Seidman H134. 
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14 House Committee on Un-American Activities International Communism (The Communist Mind). Staff Consultation with Frederick Charles Schwarz. Eighty-Fifth Congress, First Session. May 29, 1957
Washington Government printing Office 1957 no Wraps Very Good 
Printed wraps. 14 pp., plus a one page index. Testimony by Frederick Charles Schwartz to the House Committee on Un-American Activities, offering his views on communism and communists, describing their supposed use of murder, torture and other means to achieve their goals, as well as asserting that communists, including the Soviet Union, saw morality as relative, and condoned such tactics as for the greater good. Schwartz concludes by stating communists have set a deadline of 1973 for total takeover of the world. Schwarz was the founder of the Christian Anti-Commmunism Crusade and conducted lectures on Marxist-Leninist philosophy and communism. VERY GOOD condition. General browning to the wraps. Some creasing at the corners. Minor wrinkling. 
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Our Generation. Vol. 8 No. 3 Part 2. June 1972., Hunnius, Gerry et al
15 Hunnius, Gerry et al Our Generation. Vol. 8 No. 3 Part 2. June 1972.
Montreal, Canada Our Generation Press 1972 no Wraps Good 
Side stapled newsprint journal. Quarto. 36 pp. A single issue of this Canadian journal devoted to anarchist and radical issues. This with a lengthy discussion of democracy and parliamentary politics by Gerry Hunnius. Also featured is a timeline and history/recap of the May 1972 general strike in Quebec. Our Generation was published from 1961 to 1994, focusing on anarchist causes, philosophy and ideals. GOOD condition. Moderate to heavy uneven browning. Some wrinkling. Minor soiling. 
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POW's in American Jails, Indochina Solidarity Committee.
16 Indochina Solidarity Committee. POW's in American Jails
Ann Arbor, MI Indochina Peace Campaign no Pamphlet Very Good 
no date, presumed circa 1973. Side folding thin booklet. 8 pp. Black and white photos present. A pamphlet issued by the Indochina Peace Campaign regarding political and other prisoners of the United States in Vietnam, citing an agreement to end the war and restore the peace in Vietnam that had just been signed, and the daily violations of the agreement by the US. Brief discussion of the American programs 'Strategic Hamlet Program,' and the 'Phoenix Program.' Also discussed are the US prisons in and around Saigon, discussing torture methods allegedly used by the US, as well as alleging rape, etc. The Indochina Peace Campaign began in 1972, seeking to educate the American public on the Vietnam War and the actions of Richard Nixon. Notable members of the group included Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda, with the organization ending in 1975 (Swarthmore College Collection). VERY GOOD condition. Light toning and curling. Small dampstain to the lower edge. 
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The Truth About Stalin, Khrushchev, Nikita S.; Karnik, V.B.
17 Khrushchev, Nikita S.; Karnik, V.B. The Truth About Stalin
Bombay Popular Book Depot for the Democratic Research Service 1956 no Wraps Fair 
Red printed wraps. 58 pp. A printing of a speech given by Nikita Khrushchev at a secret session of the twentieth congress of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. In this speech Khrushchev highlights some of the more brutal aspects of Stalin's rule in Russia, including actions during World War II, repressive tactics against his own countrymen, etc. This speech has become known as the 'Secret Speech,' and was given by Khrushchev in an effort to perhaps consolidate his power and turn the Soviet Union closer to his ideals. While given at an undisclosed location, the speech was widely distributed, although the official version was not released until 1989. The British newspaper, The Guardian, included it in their series of greatest speeches of the 20th century (see Wikipedia for previous information). FAIR/GOOD condition. Moderate soiling and staining to the covers, a bit heavier to the rear. Heavy darkening, mostly along the extremities. A few stray notations on the covers. Heavy chipping and creasing at the cover corners, with some loss and minor tearing. Interior solid. Paper browned, with scattered soiling and minor staining. A few ownership signatures present, with very minor scattered pencil notations. 
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18 Knopp, Alex et al. Indochina Peace Campaign Leafletting Project Ephemera. From the Philadelphia Area. Four Pieces
Philadelphia Philadelphia Area Indochina Peace Campaign, Publisher no Unbound Good 
circa 1972. Four loose pages 8 1/2 by 11 inches. One is a single sided flyer/leaflet advertising Jane Fonda speaking at Philco-Ford. This discusses both Vietnam and Brazil, and the US efforts to gain natural resources in both places. Photomechanically reproduced at some point, although presumably at the time of issue, for distribution. The second piece is a double sided mailing announcing and discussing a plan of action for the Indochina Peace Campaign in Philadelphia, including organizing anti-war protestors and various other educational undertakings. With a plack and white reproduced photo of a young woman. Third piece: a discussion of the Indochina Peace Campaign leafletting project, outlining objectives and goals, as well as the hope for the effectiveness of leafletting. 2 sided, and written by Alex Knopp. The fourth piece is single sided questionnaire evaluating the leafletting campaign and its effectiveness, with questions for the activist to answer. The Indochina Peace Campaign began in 1972, seeking to educate the American public on the Vietnam War and the actions of Richard Nixon. Notable members of the group included Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda, with the organization ending in 1975 (Swarthmore College Collection). All in GOOD or slightly better condition, with some browning, minor soiling and staining. Some creasing and wrinkling present. 
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Peace Concern, Incorporating Vermont Peace Letter. Vol. 1 No. 13. November 2, 1962, Lane, Myrtle (editor); Collins, Marjory (contributing editor).
19 Lane, Myrtle (editor); Collins, Marjory (contributing editor). Peace Concern, Incorporating Vermont Peace Letter. Vol. 1 No. 13. November 2, 1962
Montpelier, VT Myrtle Lane, presumed Publisher 1962 no Wraps Good 
Reproduced printed type, 8 by 11 inches. Stapled at the upper left corner. 16 pp., including covers. Devoted to peace (as the title indicates), this issue of the journal provides lengthy commentary on the then fresh in the news Cuban Missile Crisis. Included is a tally for President Kennedy versus Krushchev, Castro and the peace movement, grading Kennedy a scorn-filled A for his role in bringing the world closer to war. A several page account of peace rallies and demonstrations is provided, with quotes from various speakers, including Bayard Rustin and Dagmar Wilson. Statements from various organizations regarding the crisis are printed, as well as reports from England, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Most work attributed to Myrtle Lane or Marjory Collins, with one by Virginia Colter and others. The Peace Concern was a newsletter devoted to promoting peace and seeking an active participation in the peace movement, founded by Myrtle Lane and Marjory Collins. Collins was a noted photojournalist, as well as a prominent activist in various social and progressive causes, including the Civil Rights movement (see Library of Congress website). GOOD condition, seemingly ex-institution, with date stamp and notations present. Handwritten mailing address, postage stamp and cancellations on the rear blank page, with several dark brown tape burns. Minor toning. Faint horizontal fold crease. 
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Labor, Machines and Depressions. Industrial Democracy. Vol. VI, No. 6. December, 1938, Lewis, Alfred Baker
20 Lewis, Alfred Baker Labor, Machines and Depressions. Industrial Democracy. Vol. VI, No. 6. December, 1938
New York League for Industrial Democracy, Publisher 1938 no Wraps Good 
Printed wraps. A short examination of the struggle between labor and capital, studying the effects of reduced wages, reduced employment in manufacturing, labor shrinkage, capitalism and unemployment, and solutions such as relief for the unemployed, strengthened unions, and public ownership. The League for Industrial Democracy was founded by Jack London, Upton Sinclair and other socialists, becoming active on college campuses and eventually changing into the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). GOOD condition. General browning to the piece. A few minor creases. Scattered pencil underlining in the text and margins. 
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